Introducing Filo Solutions

Filo Compression system is engineered to digest your data files, folders, or archives and bring them back dramatically lighter, in order to improve your data footprint (storage + networking) and user experience!

Filo currently works best with:

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Compressed Archives
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Software Packages
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Software Installer
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Update Packages
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Software Updates
Medical Images
Drone Photography
Satellite Photography
Office Documents

Here’s how well it works:

Here are two ways to use Filo
Whether you're a finance, operations, or IT executive looking to cut expenses, a tech leader aiming to enhance download speed and networking features, or an SDG consultant working to improve a company's carbon footprint – we'll have you covered.
Filo Core
  • An out-of-the-box lossless data compression application
  • A game-changer for common use cases in multiple industries: documents, images, archives etc.
  • Multipurpose command line interface
Filo SDK
  • A developer library to embed into data compression processes
  • An API to implement compression features within your software products
  • SDK documentation and developer support
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Common Files In Use
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