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Filo optimizes costs and user experience by slimming down your storage footprint and speeding up networking!
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The Informatics*-Based Lossless Compression Engine!

For nearly four decades, since the groundbreaking algorithm by Israeli scientists Ziv and Lempel, there have been no significant commercial developments in the field of lossless data compression. Filo is changing that with a revolutionary information-level, analysis-based algorithm. This cutting-edge solution tackles today’s storage and networking challenges head-on!

*Informatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines cognitive science, computation analysis, and computing system design, bridging the gap between human intelligence and machine capabilities.
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Once you know what you compress, your compression is the best!

In a nutshell - Filo shifts from compressing bits to analyzing content, matching the best compression solution to each content type, and optimizing each compression process. It's time to experience minimized storage space, maximized download speed, and a greener footprint.

Welcome the future of data compression: Filo’s Informatics-Based engine!
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Introducing Filo Solutions!
Whether you're a finance, operations, or IT executive looking to cut expenses, a tech leader aiming to enhance download speed and networking features, or an SDG consultant working to improve a company's carbon footprint – we'll have you covered.

Here are two first ways to use Filo:
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Filo Core
Designed to process your data files, folders, or archives and return them significantly lighter.
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Filo SDK
Seamlessly integrates into your existing data-handling workflows and processes, or as part of your product.
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