Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions brought up in sales meetings. If you have any other question - Ilan our VP Sale will be more than happy to answer!
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Why do I need Filo?

The key reason many of our customers choose to use Filo and implement it into their workflows is saving both storage and networking costs.

Another very good reason to use us is user experience optimization as we can increase upload and download speed. Imagine a doctor waiting to see a patient’s Xray or a gamer waiting for an installer package.

Last but not least - we’re helping company decrease their data footprint, reducing both space and energy connected with data storage
and bandwidth.
I already have compression features in my backup and storage solutions. Do I need Filo?
Definitely yes. Filo’s compression ability comes on top of what you can get from your backup and storage providers and could be easily integrated to both processes.
I do not wish to change my data management workflows. Will I be able to stick to my existing processes when working with Filo?
You can keep your existing workflows, no worries. Filo seamlessly integrates to storage, networking and other data management processes. However, if you’d like  - Filo can help you optimize these processes to save costs and improve data footprint.
I’m using ZIP to compress my files. Do I need Filo?
The compressed answer is - yes!
Filo compresses data in totally different ways than ZIP and the likes, considering and analyzing far vaster factors, resulting in dramatically smaller archives. Not only that - Filo can compress already-compressed-with-ZIP files in a way that might significantly affect your bottom line. By How much? Let’s talk.
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