Great to Meet You!

Arik Faingold - Filo
Arik Faingold
3x Ventures; 4x Founder; 3x Chairman; Air Force Captain; 25x Years Experience; 2x Exit.
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Etamar Laron - Filo
Etamar Laron
CEO and President
7x Ventures; 3x Founder; 3x CEO; 5x Patents; Intelligence Major; 31x Years Experience; 1x Exit.
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Dr. Ofer Markman - Filo
Dr. Ofer Markman
VP of Business Development
7x Ventures; 3x Founder; 2x CEO; 13x Patents; Intelligence Major; 32x Years Experience; 2x Exits.
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Ilan Leizgold - Filo
Ilan Leizgold
VP Sales
1x Founder; Multi-Million $ Sales in 4x Continents and 54x Countries; 28x Years Experience; Air Force Major.
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Nimrod Geller - Filo
Nimrod Geller
Head of Customer Experience
100x customers; A+ satisfaction and revenue growth; 23x Years Experience; Commander Paratroopers.
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Filo was founded in 2022 by a team of veteran entrepreneurs and is backed by some of Israel's leading technology entities