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It's time for a paradigm shift in data compression

Data compression is on the brink of big changes. A 40-year standstill is about to be broken by Filo's engine. Read how.

Etamar Laron
March 7, 2024

The data compression space has not seen major developments for almost 40 years, and existing compression solutions place their focus on mathematical models. With a respectful nod to the late Prof. Ziv and Prof. Lempel's groundbreaking work on data compression, Filo has developed the world’s best lossless data compression engine, taking a disruptive, adaptive, content- aware approach to data compression. 

We invite you download and read Etamar Laron's, Filo Systems' Co-founder and President, keynote during Cloud Expo Europe 2024.

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The presentation was delivered at the Customer Experience & Customer Data theatre at Cloud Expo Europe 2024 in London, UK on 7 Mar 2024.

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Etamar Laron

is Filo Systems' President and Co-founder

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