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Talking data and cloud costs at Cloud Expo London '24

Cloud costs, security, and data volumes concern IT executives. Time to focus on data in addition to our infrastructure?

Ilan Leizgold
March 14, 2024

We weren’t surprised that mass migration to and reliance on the cloud was no news for anyone at Cloud Expo Europe in London. However, this year at this comprehensive tech conference, we were glad that data played an interesting role in keynotes and talks. For example, world-famous Professor and Physicist Brian Cox spoke about hot engineering topics related to data, like the need for immense computational power to process the massive amounts of data generated to train models that simulate our cosmos, and the hidden benefits of exploring the universe. 

What makes Prof. Cox’s presentation interesting is that it wasn’t just about exploring the universe, but also about the future of data and how we use it. The implications of his talk extend far beyond the realm of physics, reaching into the very heart of the data-driven world we live in.

It’s Showtime

With themes including ‘building and optimizing cloud architectures’ and ‘achieving business sustainability with cloud’, we felt right at home. In our contemporary business landscape, the migration to the cloud is a strategic move for many organizations seeking scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Parts of this migration to the cloud include transferring and storing large amounts of data and, in fact, the amount of corporate data stored in the cloud has increased in recent years, surpassing 60%

However, this popular transition often comes with unexpected financial implications that can strain budgets, particularly in the domains of data management, networking, and storage. 

Filo Systems President Etamar Laron speaking at Cloud Expo Europe London 2024
Filo Systems President Etamar Laron speaking at Cloud Expo Europe London 2024

To remain competitive and trim down costs, cloud providers introduce measures including waiving data egress fees and reducing the cost to network data on a per-Gigabit basis. Azure and AWS are following Google Cloud’s footsteps in removing data egress fees, effectively removing the need for customers who want to transfer their data to another cloud service provider to pay any network fees globally. These are promising signs of the shift in perspective we came to the show to discuss, where the discussion revolves around the data itself in addition to the infrastructure that supports it.

Closing Thoughts

By shining a light on an up-and-coming solution and challenging the status quo in the field of data compression that’s been virtually dormant for almost 40 years, we came to the show with a new perspective to offer. In his keynote at the Expo, Filo co-founder and President Etamar Laron spoke about data from a perspective that focuses on the data itself, rather than the infrastructure supporting it. By the end of the show, with big moves made by big players and new solutions paid attention to, we truly were walking on clouds. 

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