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Our revolutionary vision earned us a $1M Climate Prize

We're not only moved by the sum and accolades, but also by taking part in an ecosystem that seeks to protect our planet.

Dr. Ofer Markman
March 7, 2024

Winning the $1,000,000 Climate Solutions Prize was an incredible milestone reached for us. Surrounded by some of the brightest minds who are devoted to solving our planet's most pressing problems during the award ceremony, we felt right at home.

The Rise of the ClimateTech Mindset

Startup Nation Central’s CEO Avi Hasson highlighted during the event that Israel is “uniquely positioned to play a key role in fighting climate change and bringing solutions to the biggest shared challenge of our times”.

The Climate Solutions Prize (CSP), an initiative that rewards innovations that tackle the climate crisis, recognized 7 Israeli startups that developed innovations within Israel’s ecosystem, after shortlisting over 200 others. The prize is part of a startup track program led by Startup Nation Central and Climate Solutions Prize Organization.

What I appreciate about Filo winning this prize is that it recognizes the ubiquity of climate responsibility. Filo’s objective is to assist companies in managing their data efficiently and, in the process, protecting the environment from being overwhelmed by data and running out of energy. We observed the urgency to mitigate data’s effect on connectivity last week at Kickstart Europe in Amsterdam, a conference for the Data Centers industry.  

The Climate Solutions Prize demonstrates that ClimateTech, above all else, is a mindset. In this mindset, technology companies prioritize the planet honestly and dedicate their intellectual resources to ensuring their products and solutions align with a green economy.

Our Curtain Call

This is the part where we go off stage. But you’ve guessed it, there’s a (long) thank you list we’ve prepared to cap off our winning speech (we promise, we wrote it in advance!). A big thank you to the incredible Filo team that turned vision into reality, creating our transformative data compression engine. Thank you to Capital Nature for their vote of confidence and for recognizing our efforts and achievements. We also thank Startup Nation Central for the meaningful initiative and for a beautiful event. 

Last but not least, we commend the other finalists Carbon Blue and Noohra, alongside whom we hope to align our wonderful startup nation with the global adoption of climate-conscious tech and greater corporate responsibility. Our collective work has never been more important.

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Dr. Ofer Markman

is Filo Systems' Co-founder and VP of Business Development

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